Annie: The Rise of Londinium


Welcome to Londinium! Home of Bellavita Industries: The world leader of data protection and technology research. The year is 2129, and you're at the Gherkin tower in a reimagined version of London, England. You've signed up to be a test subject and help recover lost data from a mysterious incident, referred to only as "The Event." Annie, an advanced artificial intelligence, guides you through the story; creating simulations which allow you to travel back in time through five different eras of Londinium.

Watch as family bloodlines grow and the economy evolves. Go on quests created with advanced redstone and questing mechanics. Allow the professional voice acting, done beautifully by April Ann Tass, to guide you through the map and fully immerse you into the unique and interactive story.

The builds of Londinium are heavily inspired by the iconic architecture of London, using historical and modern-day images for reference. Many notable characteristics can be seen throughout the later stages of the map. The ambitious storyline combines time travel, advanced technology, and investigation while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Careful attention was given to each stage, ensuring accuracy and consistency as the city evolved. Changes the player makes in Stage 1 can be seen all the way through to Stage 5, allowing every detail to envelope the player further into the story, showing off the intricate development of the city.

This map can be played solo or enjoyed with friends. With more than 20 multi-layered quests, two hours of gameplay, and the tease of a sequel lingering in the air, there are many reasons you'll love playing Annie! Grab this amazing adventure map in the Minecraft Marketplace for 830 minecoins!