The Crater


Meteors hit the Earth with incredible speed and create huge craters as they rupture the ground! Most craters become wastelands, scorched with fire, smoke and ash… But not this one.

The Crater drops the player into an ancient impact zone that’s withstood the test of time. Where once was destruction, nature thrives. Wildlife is beginning to flourish and a settlement of villagers has taken up residence, creating a peaceful utopia. A pine forest now surrounds the snowy circle. Peaks stretch up like sharp teeth, creating a crown that encapsulates the peaceful spring village. It took many years but the scars have now healed and this once barren nightmare is ready to be taken up and cared for by you.

As a survival spawn, this map can be played completely vanilla. Villagers can provide a healthy trade economy while you collect natural resources. Advance the villager further by building and customising houses and residencies. During multiplayer you can invite friends to stay in the different areas and create businesses as you grow into a thriving crater village.

The aesthetic and architecture of The Crater aimed to contrast two important fantasy styles. The crater needed to be unique and stand out. The large, spiky circumference that extends upwards like mountains gave an emphasis on the mystical and fantastical element of the land and eludes to whatever may have caused the crater. Something unnatural. The village itself is filled with quaint structures and market stalls that blend in with the environment and feel natural. Described by some on the team as an almost ‘elvern’ style; you can make of it what you will as you explore. As with all of our maps, we want the players to roleplay and create their own stories. The Crater works as a perfect first step into a world that our fans can make their own.

If you haven’t already checked it out, then do so as soon as possible! This was one of our first ever maps released onto the Marketplace and is still beloved by many in the community!