Whiterock Castle


One of our all time favourite Blockception releases is Whiterock Castle - a survival spawn that threw the player into a mysterious kingdom in need of repairs and a new ruler.

The local villagers have taken a liking to you and offer trading options if you can supply them with resources! Begin your quest by exploring the castle. Hit the world and begin to mine, collect and forge as you restore the castle and it’s white rocks to it’s former greatness!

The lands surrounding Whiterock Castle are iconic. The surrounding moat donuts the land with pillars of outspoken white rock jutting from the sides. A bridge provides the only passage to a rich land flooded with foliage, nature and creatures. The creative choice to make this castle a more isolated location originated from the team brainstorming ideas for a survival spawn. The aim was to set up the player with a setting, an aim and the means to start their own adventure - but we took it further.

Whiterock was intentionally constructed with the player in mind. Certain areas are damaged and in need of repair. Villagers are placed, allowing the player to access items that they otherwise may need to spend hours searching for. Builds are not made from extremely rare blocks however, providing the map with a legitimate and vanilla feel so that it can still be played in survival mode. The isolated island type design also allows for the player to build a fortified home within the kingdom. Separated from the outside land, attackers and angry mobs of the night can no longer reach you! If you play this with friends you could even attempt a siege-type roleplaying game where they attempt to infiltrate your Whiterock castle!

Although only our second release to the Marketplace, Whiterock Castle is still one of our best performing and most downloaded maps to this day. The community enjoyed the simplistic vanilla experience and had fun creating and customising their own empires. Some players chose to expand outward as they progressed while others would repair and improve their current structures.

We’ve received hundreds of joyous messages, tweets and posts from fans and Minecraft players across all of our social medias expressing how much they enjoy the map. Many of them were able to find our signature hidden signs that we hide throughout the map! It’s a great way to get to interact with our audience and allow them to get to know us better!