Steampunk Skin Pack


In a land of science fiction and industrialism, anything is possible. With mechanical engineers, cog-ridden creatures, and crazy inventors - the world is riddled with creativity! With the Steampunk Skin Pack, you can be someone who fits into that universe seamlessly. With eighteen custom skins fitting the bill, you can be just about anyone!

Each of these skins has their own unique backstory and future adventures just waiting to be had! Whether you’re inventing robots with Engineer Boy and Engineer Girl or being the robots created like Talking Machine Deluxe, Talking Machine Economy, or Guard Automaton! Think of the stories that will be told with the Novelist helping to write them! Maybe the Diver found the Monoclopus in the depths of the ocean or the Blacksmith is in cahoots with the Mayor and turning people into Portable Ovens? Also included in this pack is the Duchess, Airship Pirate, Enlisted, Aeronaut, Industrialist, Clock-Maker, and Inventor!

All eighteen of these skins are waiting for you to take them on a wild mechanical journey through the skies and under the sea!