Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest was once peaceful and filled with many people. It was a lovely town in the middle of a blossoming forest with so much life encompassing it. Unfortunately, something went wrong and now the lands are cursed and infected by dark magic and evil creatures. The once flourishing land has begun to decay and has become a dangerous and haunted land.

You may want to explore the many buildings dispersed through the town to see what secrets you can find within. You could also stop by the center of town and interact with all of the costumed villagers to see what they’re up to and see all of the cursed livestock. Or maybe if you’re feeling a bit brave you’ll venture into the large manor that sits atop a mountain overlooking the town. Within you’ll be sure to find many spooks and surprises!

This mystical and enchanted land is accompanied by twelve exclusive custom music tracks and new custom mob textures. There are also collectible custom jukebox discs hidden that you can find, collect, and listen to! Be sure to come and visit the Forbidden Forest soon! You never know what secrets you’ll find next in this multiplayer horror-survival adventure!