Spooky Skeletons Skin Pack


Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween anymore! With the Spooky Skeleton Skin pack, you can bring to life any of the 10 custom skins included! There is a skeleton skin for every occasion! Each skeleton skin comes with its own unique personality.

The Skeleton Costume is of an adorable human dressed up in a skeleton jumpsuit with a plastic mask perched upon their head.  The mask is ready to be pulled down at a moments notice to pull off the most spectacular spook on a friend.

Then we have the Cruel Metallic Skeleton whose bones are a shiny silver. Its eyes are a beaming, bright red that will spook the socks off of you! A golden tooth completes his shiny ensemble.

Next, we have the Evil Skeleton whose clothes are ripped and rotted with his bones peeking through. He has yellow and red dull eyes and a gap-toothed expression upon his face. He is sure to scare anyone with a single look in their direction.

Hopping up next we have the Exoskeleton Frog! This green guy is protected by a light metallic blue suit and blue boots! I’m sure he has plenty of stories to tell from the pond!

The Flesh-Covered Skeleton is perfect for the more conservative skeleton who wishes to keep their bones covered up. A favorite skin of those who enjoy a more laid back kind of spook.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you ate too many golden apples? Look no further than the Golden Skeleton! His bones are solid gold and shine brightly in the sun! He has a tattered black tunic and boots on for a pop of color.

The Scorching Skeleton looks like he has just come straight from the lava pools! His bones are a charred black that are still dripping with smoking, hot lava! He’s definitely too hot to handle!

If you’re ever feeling a bit plain, the Basic Skeleton might be for you! His crisp white bones are sure to stand out in any crowd. Sometimes being basic is a good thing.

It’s time to hit the beach with Vacation Skeleton! He’s rocking his sunglasses and ready to hit the sand! He has a pair of bright red swim trunks ready to go for when he wants to give swimming a try! He’s probably enjoying a nice breaking from scaring everyone!

Valhalla has called home this brave Viking Skeleton warrior! His bones are thousands and thousands of years old. His armor still clings to his aged bones as if he is ready to take up the sword and fight again! It is always an adventure with him around!

All ten of these skins have stories to be told and they’re waiting for you to bring them to life! Get spooky with this custom skin pack and have the most amazing adventure, spook your friends or just look really cool.