Sandspear Castle


Do you remember ever going to the beach and trying your hand at building a true fortress? I would mold great scaling parapets and shape layers upon layers of walls to try to protect my creation. Of course, the moment I had my back turned, the tide was sure to come in and wash away my creation. Luckily, the creative minds at Blockception were able to achieve what I never could: build a sandcastle that won’t wash away, and they didn’t even get a sunburn for their troubles.

Introducing the isles of Sandspear Castle. Once in danger of being swallowed up by the sea, they were only saved when the great dragon patrons of the land scooped pillars of sand from the ocean’s grasp and bestowed their blessing upon the remaining isles. Ensuring that these lands would forever be protected from the encroaching waters.

Emboldened by such a blessing, the people sculpted the sand into scaling towers which overlooked the clouds themselves. A great bridge was crafted to forever link them with the mainland, and a thriving dock came about to bring goods from near and far. Precious metals and large treasure troves were discovered in the mines beneath the castle, and fortifications were thrown up to guard the island’s blessings.

If they keep their eyes about them, the intrepid explorer will find hidden passageways honeycombed throughout the island. To the tops of towers, passed peaceful libraries, and around smuggler’s hideouts. And just maybe, they will discover the hidden depths of the island itself. Now doesn’t that sound much more exciting than your average day at the beach?

Sandspear Castle is a survival map well suited for either single or multiplayer gameplay. It currently can be unlocked for the low price of 310 coins on the Minecraft Marketplace.