Kingdom: Assault


The Kingdom is under attack. Dark portals have opened and brought forward armies of evil zombies and bloodthirsty creatures! Only a brave and noble warrior can hold back the waves of the undead long enough to see the sun rise!

Kingdom: Assault was the first instalment in Blockception’s Medieval series. The RPG Castle-Defender gamemode featured a large marketplace and endgame palace setting, 2 of many areas that would later be available to explore in the sequel Kingdom: Survival.

Gameplay relies on players to band together to face hordes in waves. Defeating zombies provides precious resources that can be traded with different merchants for stronger gear! Rather than explain, why not just take a look at our trailer!

Merchants can provide players with higher tier swords and armour among other items and valuables. The map was intended to be played in multiplayer but can be attempted solo. Once you fall or die in multiplayer, there is a chance for you to be revived if the rest of your team can survive long enough! The map also makes use of text input, highlights, colour coordination and prompts to easily introduce the player into the game cycle.

Each set of waves provides a new hurdle in the form of mini bosses, stronger and faster zombies, skeletons, vicious wolves and even giant spiders! Overcoming these beasts is the trick to affording keys that open doorways to merchants with far more valuable items!

Fans of the map said that this gameplay experience was addictive and enjoyable, especially with a dial that allows you to set your difficulty and max wave number.

Lucky players that attempt the 40-wave mode will be in for a treat as more mini-bosses are revealed and the player is teleported to the throne room for a final endgame!

While Assault was not originally planned to be the first instalment of the series, optimism for the idea of a castle defence game within the confounds of one city area quickly spread through the team and the notion overtook that of the main project; Survival, which was to feature the kingdom in it’s full glory, fully explorable, with custom chests, hidden secrets and backstory. This was released a few months later, with hints to Assault hidden deep within.

The community greeted Kingdom: Assault with open arms. Although aiming for release during Halloween, the map faced major delays due to time constraints and issues with core mechanics. Assault eventually premiered the following Winter and remains one of our most ambitious and iconic gamemodes to date; having been featured at multiple gaming conventions.

The ambition to continue the saga is as strong as ever - and while the team are focusing on other areas of creation right now, the series remains ripe and ready for an eventual return. A third instalment is definitely not off the cards.