Happy Holidays from Winter Fest!

The verdant valley has grown chilly, and the harvest has come and gone. Chimney stacks heat up as the first frost crawls across the fields, and with the snow arrives the winter solstice, a time of great joy and cheer! Come one! Come all! Winter Fest is here!

The local townspeople in the verdant valley have gathered around to host a festival of frosty fun, with many exciting games and events to take part in!

  • The giant snow-globe arena has been opened for all keen snowball fighters in the “King of the Hill” arena: push your friends off the snowy cliffs and claim your seat of power atop the hill!

  • Take part in a valley traditional round of snow spleef! Send your opponents to their icy defeat in the depths of the spleef arena! Can you dig it?

  • Excavators have uncovered a hidden labyrinth at the bottom of the lake! Do you dare venture forth into the ice maze? or be trapped beneath the ice forever?

  • Clive Snowstone, our resident magic snowman, is hosting this festival’s festive parkour! Jump up the jolly obstacles and beat good ol’ Clive at his own game!

  • Take a ride on the valley’s Holiday Train! Take off from Gingerbread Station, and see the snowy sights of Winter Fest all the way to Clive’s Parkour at the other end of the festival!

This festival’s prize booth is hosted by valley resident Suzy Snowflake; speak to her in her house and ask about her seasonal attire!

Happy holidays, and enjoy your visit to Winter Fest!