Present Run


Holidays are filled with gifts - but have you ever wondered what it might be like to celebrate the festive season in a different country?

Present Run brings you on an adventure across the globe as you race against friends to trade and collect gifts with citizens from different towns in an effort to reach the end and become the winner!

Grab snowballs as you go to battle your friends and keep them from getting to the end of each section before you do! It takes some know-how and some generous gift-giving skills to trade the citizen’s presents around. Each person needs the gift they truly desire and the only way for you to reach the end is to match each up with the respective townsfolk!

We wanted to produce a Christmas map that celebrated the festivities of more than one location. Blockception, and the builders that work here, thrive on architecture and reconstructing real-world themes. With this map, we took inspiration from key cities and landmarks from across the world to bring together a racing gamemode that felt truly inclusive. One of which can be seen in our vibrant store key art - The ancient Sphinx from Egypt!

Present Run released during December 2017 and was a great addition to our roster of maps. Joining Winter Fest as our second Winter-themed map, our seasonal catalogue was now growing.

Testing games and maps around Christmas time can always be a laugh. With the team high-spirited, everyone was keen to help body act and record a trailer for the upcoming month! There were laughs and a carol or two as we balanced the trading systems and made sure that those snowballs really packed a punch! Everybody loves a good snowball fight after all!