Wild West Skin Pack


Yee-Haw! Did you ever want to live out in the Wild West and live the pioneer life? With the Wild West Skin Pack, you can! There are nineteen custom western skins at your disposal to live out all of your rootin’ tootin’ fantasies!

The Pioneer Man and Pioneer Woman are the perfect couple working on the wild frontier! They are always hard at work making sure their homestead is thriving!

The Banker is always available to help make your financial transactions and keep your money safe! He won’t let anything happen to your assets!

A criminal is on the loose! It’s best to call the Bounty Hunter! He is sure to track down any evil doer and bring them to justice! You can tell he’s very experienced at his job from all of the scars covering his body, including his missing eye. He’s definitely someone you don’t want to cross!

If you’re feeling a bit prickly today, the Cactus Owl might be the skin for you! A bright green cactus covered in little spines that will make all of your enemies screech in agony! Perched atop the cactus is a tan owl judging your adversaries.

It’s time to march into battle! Grab the Calvary Man and he will bring victory to you and your teammates! He’s wearing his uniform in a striking blue color and his face is filled with determination!

Howdy partner! Our Cowboy and Cowgirl are here for you to have a rowdy time with! They are sure to lasso themselves a good time! Giddy up!

If you were to be injured on the wild frontier - don’t fret! The Doctor will be in his clinic waiting to tend your wounds whether it be from a showdown or a wild animal, he’ll be able to help!

Everyone needs to eat. Good thing we have a Farmer in town! He grows the best crops in the area. He works hard from dawn until dusk to make sure your belly is always full of healthy food.

It wouldn’t be the wild west without a Gold Seeker! He loves to pan for gold in the river and explore the mines hoping he will hit it big!

The Female Warrior, Male Warrior, and Archer will always be around to protect those in their tribe. They are fierce and not to be messed with!

After a long day of hard work, listening to some music can be really relaxing. The Pianist knows a variety of tunes to help you unwind or have a hootin’ fun time!

On Sunday mornings the Preacher will be in the church ready to give a lovely sermon to the people of his town. He’s always available to those who need some spiritual guidance and prayer.

It wouldn’t be the wild west without a Train Robber ready to swoop in and take over the local train! He is bad to the bone and one you should not mess with!

Watch out! There’s a new Sheriff in town! Wearing his shiny gold star he will lock away all lawbreakers in the local jail. He isn’t afraid to go up against the worst to protect his town!

Some people just crave being alone like the Wasteland Wanderer. He travels from town to town sharing adventures and learning local stories but never stays long enough to truly settle down. He craves the open road and freedom.

All nineteen of these custom skins have the most exciting adventures waiting to be had! Get wild with the Wild West Skin Pack and see where your journey leads you.