Steampunk Castle


Cogs twist and steam flurries from the pipes. Engines twizzle and tickers tock.

The steampunk paradise upon the waters is calling to you. A civilisation of humans and robots living in harmony.

Set in an alternate timeline where technology has advanced purely through mechanics, engineering and steam-power, Steampunk Castle allows the player to explore a complex labyrinth of hidden areas, corridors and factories that are interlaced with references, inspiration and thematic architecture. Airships fly throughout the skies and dock to refuel and prepare. Captains meet with drones to prepare shipments as engineers hustle away in the lower bellies.

A host of vibrant and custom mobs roam the world. Trade with them or allow them to protect you.

Constructed at the centre of a lake, the entire castle has the perfect amount of fuel. Water can be taken in and transferred into steam in order to power the many creations! Around the lake is a host of custom formations and terrains that can be explored, dominated and expanded to. Take inspiration from the structures and build your own Steampunk contraptions!

Using our separately released Steampunk Skin Pack, you can even experience roleplay scenarios with your friends! Airship crews and battles, robots of all different types and citizens that live within the castle itself.

Our community really took to this release! A huge interest was the giant clockwork golems that travel throughout the world! Check them out for yourself by downloading the map now!