The Moa'Ul Mountain


Romans meet aliens in this survival-adventure epic released in early 2018. You are the last Romans, searching for family in the aftermath of an alien invasion on the mountain. Your only hope is to track down clues and relics throughout the now transforming land, where Minecraft creatures are changing into Moa’ul mutations!

We wanted to focus on creating a vanilla experience that still provided the ‘umph’ of an adventure map. By adding custom mobs, models textures and behaviours, we brought the map to life. Alien mutations and mixtures of Roman and alien technology was a blast to concept and create. Sound effects were also prepared and distorted for some of the creatures. Creepers with one eye, automated alien security bots, even purple cows with glowing eyes and horns that will charge towards you! The swampy areas around the mountain have become a deathly and dangerous place.

Each relic will bring you closer to the truth. Unlock the story and discover new areas and hidden chests that will help you survive. This map is aimed to be a challenge. it is quite difficult to play though the entire map without dying once but it is possible. Perhaps you’re daring enough to try yourself? Want to see more? Here are some amazing renders and screenshots that showcase just how cool this sci-fi/history map looks!

12 skins, (6 roman and 6 moa’ul) come along with the map! With friends, you can suit up and roleplay the story and after the main quest is over, make use of the world in more interesting ways. You are always advised to make your own stories. We love seeing what you add to our worlds and creations and what you want to happen to the characters! Each skin is unique and designed consistently. Romans men and women look valiant and brave while the aliens have a freakish, boney, look to them.

We had musicians create custom music tracks for the map that can be accessed throughout various areas. Each musical piece is themed after historical roman anthems or more obscure, futuristic, alien sounds. One track even blends them together in a harmonious tone that become the theme for the map.

Redstone for this map was quite the challenge. Maintaining the vanilla style of the map and allowing players to still feel comfortable was a huge task when also considering the amount of redstone mechanics we wanted to implement. Questing systems, tracking, radius locations, area rewards, detectors, teleports and more were all created. This took months of balancing, re balancing and at one point, some of the systems were scrapped entirely to make way for a more linear approach to the story.

The map has numerous voice acting and sound effects plotted throughout the story that bring a true immersion and daunting feel to the quest you are on. The challenge is to find your family but in doing so, it is inevitable that you will have to take on what remains of the invasion force. These aliens, called Moa’ul will stop at nothing until Earth is transformed into a more suitable environment for them. You can’t allow that. The key to winning? Follow the clues.