Super Racers


Ever raced a train across a tropical resort island as a volcano begins to erupt?!

How about speeding a boat or plane through the deserts of Nevada as you avoid an alien invasion?!

Perhaps a cruise around New York city on your motor bike as you shoot up ramps and find hidden locations?!

NO?! - Then you haven’t played SUPER RACERS.

While first spawning in a free-roam mode, you are able to explore the city, observe the leaderboard, and take a dive into 1 of 4 custom race tracks; each with their own graphics and themes. Here players have access to all variations of vehicle including 2 secret karts hidden throughout the city. If the player takes the time to find these, they can boast for days!

Once your friends are in, you can all hop into a course together. Entering the kart selector, you can all take turns trying out each model! The motor bike also comes in multiple colours! From there, racers line up and begin a crazy course filled with unique obstacles and themed builds! Find shortcuts and hidden ways to win faster than the others!

UFO’s could stop you in your tracks as you hover upwards or perhaps a lava jump has foiled your lead - no matter! As long as you make use of the varying power up cubes then you can make a comeback! Mystery cubes provide you with abilities that can either help or hinder your performance. Get a speed or jump boost or just be slowed down! Making use of the speed and slowness pads is also key! They can alternate at varying rates and if you don’t zoom your cart by at the right moment then you’ll be slowed down!

Once a race is completed and everyone has finished, you’re teleported back to the home hub. The leaderboard will now manually update with the times and places of anyone who was in the race! This is a great way to keep note and involve any competitive play - a feature that was not included in most marketplace racing maps. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some incredible screenshots of Super Racers in action!

Blockception was not shy when it came to racing games, having created Present Run a few months prior. Naturally, we wanted to approach a map with a bit more finesse while challenging ourselves to push the limits of what we were capable of. Builders constructed 4 themed maps, making sure to incorporate the environment into the track to create natural looking obstacles that blended well with the course and roadside. We took inspiration from racing games of the past, many of which our members played as children.