Kingdom: Survival


Return to a familiar Kingdom, now free from evil. The monsters have been defeated and the curse is no longer. Strong warriors and valiant knights fought to protect this land. Now the citizens must rebuild. The assault is over but surviving is an entirely different story.

Enter Kingdom: Survival. An entirely open-world RPG exploration map. The keys to the gates are yours after saving the townsfolk. You are recognised as a very special person amongst the city. Access-all-areas.

Invite your friends and travel in search of hidden treasure chests, custom items and magical enchantments. Track down clues to the deeper stories of the people and help forge a better Kingdom for the whole land. Stay at the castle, visit the wizard towers or greet the locals at their houses. From the higher class nobles to the lower class commoners, you’re respected by all

Grab yourself some of your friends and go on an amazing adventure to explore the huge kingdom filled with countless houses, castles and wizard towers.
Not convinced? Take a look at some of our astonishing custom terrains and medieval architecture. Our builders spent months tirelessly crafting this world into an immersive, structured and well-thought-out piece of work.

There’s over 300 hidden loot chests to uncover throughout the map. Each provides key resources that you may needs to begin rebuilding the Kingdom. The map can be played in both single and multiplayer but with the size of the project, it would be recommended for multiplayer. Our loot chests are designed to hold loot that reflects the area it is in. This means that while travelling, you will begin to learn where to find certain items and resources when needed. This design also floods through in the item placements within the chest. Making them look realistic adds a whole new level of immersion. Of course we do this in all maps but we had never attempted one to this scale - which included many regions with varied item lists and coordinate tracking.

Blockception frequently receives screenshots and gameplay segments from fans across the world showcasing their findings and highlighting the different adventures they’ve shared with friends throughout the map! It always warms our hearts to see these experiences and we make sure to let you all know when you’ve found something really special! Despite this, Kingdom: Survival still holds many secrets. Similar to a lot of our maps, some secrets are easy to find, whereas others are more complex.

Do you think you would be up to the challenge? You think you could rise a kingdom from a dark past and bring a brighter future?