Redwood Isles


So I hear that you gave been trying to gather information about the Redwood Isles? Well, I can certainly tell a tale about them. Named after those mystical red leaf trees which returned unheard of amounts of nutrients back into the soil, it was the world’s first concerted attempt at magical terraforming. If it proved successful, then the mainland would have been forever changed in an era of agricultural boom.

In the beginning, there were certainly some quick advances in soil testing, climate control, and general knowledge of our earth sciences. It was quite the heady time, and we began to think there was no problem we could not solve. And secure in the belief that we had total control of those isolated lands, our hubris led us to delve deeper into the isles themselves.

It might have been one tunnel too many or a cave wall which should not have been breached. No matter the cause, hordes of monsters began swarming the isles. Before we knew it, the desert research site was in ruins. Whole areas were evacuated, and forts were built around the isles in an attempt to stem the tide. The line was being held. The mobs were being pushed back.

Then one morning, a great fiery dragon came over the horizon. In an instant, the line was cut. With that, the gem of our lands, our pride and joy, was all turned to ash and flames. With mounting losses, the signal was given, and the plug was pulled on the experiment. The isles were abandoned to all but a token force for observation.

Well, there ends my tale of the Redwood Isles. But if your curiosity is not yet satisfied, and you’re not afraid of neither monsters nor dragon, then simply speak with the folks over at Blockception. They are always ready to send forth a stout-hearted adventurer to those magical lands; to discover what was missed, and reclaim what was lost.

Redwood Isles is a survival map well suited for either single or multiplayer gameplay. It currently can be unlocked for the low price of 310 coins on the Minecraft Marketplace.