Pirate Skin Pack


Ahoy ye landlubbers, and come aboard! For we go forth in search of adventure, glory, and treasure beyond our wildest dreams!

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve spent many a day planning out tales about what it be like to turn pirate in the style of Long John Silver, Captain Hook, or Jack Sparrow. Feeling the wind blow over the waves with a stodgy navy fleet close on our tail. Obtaining a treasure map though mysterious means, and narrowly avoiding the traps of the previous owner. Aye, I think a pirate’s life might be quite fine.

But imagine my sense of amazement when I found out that Blockception had created a Pirate Skin Pack chock full of 29(!) different nautical skins. This gem of a pack has all the seeds needed to flesh out your next swashbuckling roleplay or adventure series. But just to have a bit of fun, instead of going in depth on each skin, let’s check out a couple of quick story elements that we could run with this pack.

First of all, we need our protagonist of course. It could be a Shipwrecked Man or Woman castaway on a mysterious island full of strange creatures. Perhaps a Mermaid Princess who traded her crown for the chance the explore the world above for a year and a day, or a Pirate Lad learning what he can as a cabin boy onboard the ship of the great Pirate King. But just maybe, it will be following the adventures of the legendary Captain Halfside, formerly known as Captain Wholeside until an encounter with a kraken left him with half the limbs but double the glory.    

Second, a story is only as good as the antagonist in the tale. Now this could be an Admiral merely fulfilling his duty in hunting down any pirate on sight, or a Ghost Privateer doomed to haunt the waters until he finds someone worthy to take his place. Of course, it could be an Evil Mermaid plotting to take control of the Underwater Kingdom. Then again, a fun one is simply the ruddy Captain Redbeard racing you to the Fountain of Youth in the land just below the horizon.   

Finally, what is a good adventure without interesting and outlandish characters to interact with? It could be the Peg-Leg-Penguin, said to be on his 23rd voyage from the antarctic to the arctic oceans. Or a whole school of mermaids, in desperate need of new waterproof books to read. The hungry Pol-arrr Be-arrr whose stomach is much more fierce than he is. The strange Hair o’ Brine who loves collecting sails, anchors, and other ship parts; even if they’re in use. But if you’re really lucky, then you might come across the Space Pirate Woman who is full of stories about the stars filling the night sky.

No matter what adventure you decide to play next, this pack of 29 skins is sure to provide a nautical flair to your next game.