Have you ever wanted to become a deity or a mythical being? With the Mythic Skin Pack, you can! This skin pack includes eighteen Finnish mythological skins all with amazing history and lore surrounding them. All of them have the most amazing legends that date back thousands and thousands of years.

Included in this pack is: Väinämöinen, Aino, Joukahainen, Louhi the Witch, Daughter of Louhi, Kullervo son of Kalervo, Lemminkäinen, Ilmarinen the Blacksmith, Tapio the Forest King, Mielikki the Forest Queen, Tellervo, Nyyrikki, Ilmatar, Tuonetar, Iki-Tursas, Kalma, Marjatta, and Ukko.

Delve into their historical and legendary past as you bring them on all of your Minecraft adventures! Incorporate their story into your story and see what type of magic will unfold! Whether you use those powers selflessly to save your allies and be a hero or battle your adversaries and take them down! Grab this epic skin pack and begin your journey, hero!