Seasons Greetings from Fall Fest!


The world grows quiet once again, as the mighty oaks become flourished with brilliant colors; and the harvest season gathers folks from across the valley in order to celebrate the long-awaited yearly festival— Fall Fest! Come one, come all, and gather ‘round the table for a feast of fun activities to get you into the fun fall spirit: Join the finest marksmen in a target practice mini-game as you prepare for the hunt of the season! Local farmers have tended to fields all summer long, and have invited the locals to join in a challenging hedge maze deep in the fertile valley. Don’t be afraid to collect your own pumpkins at the pumpkin either; Challenge your friends to see who can gather the most pumpkins! Even the local fisherman have hosted their own mini-game down by the lake; Should you be brave enough, take a dive, and try your luck at bobbing for apples! Finally, explore the insides of the world’s largest jack-o-lantern! Climb your way to the top to receive a prize!

This festival is hosted by our dear friend Equinox from Equinox’s Emporium of Autumn Apparel, who had been gracious enough to host the prize booth at the center of the festival! Enjoy your stay in the valley, and have a safe and fun Fall Fest!